Lessons From Baseball

Lessons From Baseball

In the world of sports, the crossover between disciplines can often lead to fascinating insights and breakthroughs. Such is the case in a recent video lesson featuring Mike Malaska and Garrett Richards, former MLB pitcher. In this captivating session, Mike draws parallels between baseball and golf, uncovering key elements that can enhance one’s golf swing.


Mike begins by having Richards swing a baseball bat, aiming to connect him with the sensations of his left hand during the follow-through. Observing Richards’ swing, Mike notes that the left wrist lacks the necessary twist, a phenomenon also present in his golf swing. This lack of twist is crucial, as it prevents erratic ball flight and ensures consistency in both sports.

1. Highlighting the importance of wrist action:

Mike warns Garrett that rolling his wrists with a baseball bat would result in grounders, a principle applicable to golf as well. Demonstrating the proper hand and wrist movement, Mike aligns the actions of swinging a bat with those of a golf club, emphasizing the similarity between the two motions.

2. Transitioning back to golf:

Mike fine-tunes Garretts’ grip and instructs him on releasing the club toe on the follow-through. With these adjustments, Garrett executes a 100-yard shot effortlessly, impressing Mike with his improved consistency and ball flight.

3. Delving deeper into the mechanics:

Mike explains how excessive arm twist can affect swing consistency and emphasizes the importance of clubface alignment at impact. Through a series of drills and visualizations, he guides Garretts toward a more controlled and efficient swing, likening the sensation to swinging a cricket bat for a square hit.

4. Examining the role of the clubface:

Mike illustrates how minimal rotation leads to optimal swing path and ball contact, a technique employed by elite Tour Players. By aligning Garrett’s swing with this principle, Mike enhances his ball compression, fostering a more powerful and controlled shot.

5. Reflecting on grip technique:

Mike advises Garrett to adopt a baseball-like grip, citing its natural feel and effectiveness. This personalized approach resonates with Garrett’s, leading to lower ball flight and improved shot shape.

6. Conclusion:

Garrett expresses his gratitude for the insights gained, likening the experience to wielding a cricket bat for precise ball contact. Mike acknowledges the unconventional analogy, affirming the importance of finding a personal connection to the swing.

In essence, the collaboration between Mike Malaska and Garrett Richards unveils the symbiotic relationship between baseball and golf, offering invaluable lessons that transcend traditional teaching methods. Through mindful adaptation and alignment with natural movements, athletes like Richards can unlock their full potential on the golf course, one swing at a time.

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