Todd Heugly
Ogden, Utah

To get the most out of a student, you need to tap into their
natural athletic instincts, especially the use of their hands and arms first.
From there, it is about body control and using physics on our side to swing.

- Todd Heugly

Todd Heugly - Profile

Todd was a latecomer to the game of golf. He began playing after high school and instantly fell in love with the game. His friends who played taught him great fundamentals, and within a year and a half, Todd was a scratch golfer. At the time, he was executing the “Malaska Move” and playing great golf. Unfortunately, some local instructors tried to teach him the “tour” swing at the time, and he completely lost his game. After years of bad golf, he went back to how he played at the start, and his handicap plummeted back down; he currently carries a +2 handicap with two 59s under his belt. 

He’s been a Class A PGA Professional since 2021. He is the Director of Instruction for Remuda GC in Utah. He is also the Director of Instruction for his golf school, Wasatch Golf Academy. He is a staff professional with Callaway Golf, a Lagshot ambassador, and a certified Flightscope Instructor. He is the head coach of the Fremont Silverwolves girls golf team. In his first two years, his team took 5th and 4th at state when they hadn’t been to state in 6 years.



  • Founder of the Wasatch Golf Academy 
  • Callaway Staff Professional
  • Head PGA Professional at Crane Field GC
  • PGA Instructor at Remuda GC
  • Head Coach – Fremont Silverwolves Girls Golf Team


  • PGA Class-A Member since 2021
  • Malaska Golf Certified Coach
  • Flightscope Instructor


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