Our coaches at Malaska Golf bring diverse backgrounds and unique skill sets to the table. With a shared passion for the game and a commitment to guiding and encouraging you through The M-System, we create a supportive environment.

What sets us apart is our understanding that golf isn't rocket science, and we won't overwhelm you with complex terminology. We simplify the swing to enhance your game, period. Join us, and let's embark on this golfing journey together.

Mike Malaska

Fountain Hills, Arizona


Send in your comments and ask questions about your swing. Many of the Ask Mike’s are questions that you probably wanted to ask. Mike will reply on the site with a written response or video to answer your question.

Ask Mike’s are about understanding each part of the swing and how it all fits together. Reach the maximum speed and consistency, and minimize the amount of practice time without incurring injuries.

Mike’s goal is to lessen confusion and simplify the golf swing so that when you practice, you know how to approach and evaluate a problem you might be having in your swing. Let Mike help you answer your swing issues.


Have your golf swing reviewed for custom feedback and targeted corrections.

Submit your swing videos to Swing Check for a personalized evaluation. Receive a series of drills in a strategic sequence, each serving as a crucial building block for enhancing your golf swing. Following Mike's prescribed order is vital for optimal improvement.

Master each drill sequentially to develop the foundation needed for a better swing. Submit new videos as you progress, and repeat the process to refine your skills further.


With over 50 videos, explore the Drill Center and find individual drills to address what is troubling your golf game. Drills are like medication; doing the wrong one for the wrong issue will compound them, not correct them.

All the drills reinforce the M-System and are a deep dive into the specific drills. Here we’ll help you with what drills will help simplify your swing and improve your game.


Get in sync with your driver. It’s the most artistic club in your golf bag.

Learn the M-System and master the Lever System. You will confidently add 15 yards to your driver when you step up to the tee box.

Your swing will become effortless and efficient when you let the natural forces around you take control.