Todd Heugly
Ogden, Utah

To get the most out of a student, you need to tap into their
natural athletic instincts, especially the use of their hands and arms first.
From there, it is about body control and using physics on our side to swing.

- Todd Heugly

Todd Heugly - Profile

Todd was a latecomer to golf. He began playing after high school and instantly fell in love with it. His friends, who played well, taught him great fundamentals (grip, posture, ball position) and what he considers a fundamental: the release.

Within a year and a half, Todd was a scratch golfer. He described his game as very arms, hands, and wrists-driven, allowing the body to respond athletically to the swing. He never considered himself a core-driven player and has always had a lot of speed. He never thought of playing professionally or teaching for a career. He just loved playing and competing with his friends and co-workers. A local instructor told him he had the talent to play at a high level and was so confident he would teach Todd for free.

Right away, they went to work on the “tour” swing, which was core-driven and involved a flip by turning the lead wrist down at impact. He worked hard following the development program but could never maintain consistency, and no one outworked him. A friend kept asking for a lesson, and Todd reluctantly agreed.

Interestingly enough, it was during that lesson that Todd got his game back. After years of struggling with one piece of advice, one feeling was Todd’s lightbulb moment.  That moment changed his life, and he knew what he was meant to do. He fell back in love with the game, with practice and understanding the game. He became a student of the game and vowed to stop what happened to him from ever happening to anyone else.

He’s been a Class-A PGA Professional since 2021 but has been teaching for 15 years. He plays to a +2 handicap with a pair of 59s under his belt. He is the Head PGA Professional and Director of Instruction at both Remuda and Cranefield GC’s. He is the owner and director of instruction for Todd Heugly Golf, which offers private and online lessons. The Wasatch Golf Academy is his online player development academy and has produced some great players.

Over the past couple of years, Todd has been on a health roller coaster, and he believes it has made him a better player and coach.


  • Todd Heugly, PGA Professional
  • Director of Instruction Todd Heugly Golf
  • Head PGA Professional at Crane Field GC
  • Head PGA Professional at Remuda GC
  • Callaway Staff Professional


  • PGA Class-A Member since 2021
  • Malaska Golf Certified Coach
  • Flightscope Mevo+ Instructor


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