Coming Soon - Swing Check



Now that you’ve been through The M-System, watched many of the video lessons on the site and posted your questions for Mike to answer, it’s time to check in with Mike to see how your swing is progressing. The Swing Check is your chance to get more personalized instruction, let Mike know what you’re working on, what you’d like to focus on, and upload your swing video for Mike to take a good look at. Upon review, Mike will prescribe a set of drills from the Drill Center and give you a specific skill-development plan for you to improve. 


Practice with Greater Purpose, As Personally Prescribed by Mike.

What you practice when you're not on the course, and the sequence in which you build your swing skills are key to improving your scores and having more fun with the game. The Swing Check + Drill Center combination was specifically designed by Mike Malaska to give you the tools to practice with greater purpose.


Upload your swing video for Mike to review, and Mike will prescribe a personalized drill sequence for you to iron out the wrinkles in your golf swing. The Swing Check is an individual assessment and quick-turn response that gives you a series of drills you can use to build a golf swing that will hold up under pressure. 


Here’s How It Will Work:

  1. Take a video of your swing from (1) face on and (2) down the line.
  2. Access the Swing Check portal through our online PRO SHOP.
  3. Upload the swing videos to your profile and submit your videos along with your comments to Mike.
  4. Mike will review your golf swing and prescribe a personalized sequence of drills from the DRILL CENTER.
  5. Follow the sequence drill by drill, working on each skill in order.
  6. Improve at your own pace.