At Malaska Golf, our members are avid learners, constantly seeking insights from golfing legends and their innovative techniques. Lately, the spotlight has turned to Ben Hogan and his remarkable club customization approach, and the use of a coat hanger!

Traditionally, golfers focus on standard aspects like shaft length and grip size when customizing their clubs. However, Hogan’s method went beyond the norm, exploring the intricate connection between the club handle and the golfer’s grip. Here’s a closer look at Hogan’s ingenious technique:

1. Measuring with a Coat Hanger

Hogan’s process began with a metal coat hanger, which he used to measure the length of the club handle. Trimming off the excess, he ensured the hanger matched the grip perfectly.

2. Sensory Feedback

Affixing the trimmed coat hanger to the back of the club shaft, Hogan elevated sensory feedback. By feeling a distinct ridge on the handle with his fingers, he gained crucial tactile information about the club’s orientation.

3. Perfecting the Grip

Mike Malaska demonstrates Hogan’s precision, emphasizing how he positioned the club in the crease of his fingers, precisely where the second knuckle lies. This meticulous placement guaranteed optimal grip alignment and control.

4. Off-Center Adjustment

Hogan’s brilliance extended to setting the hanger slightly off-center, intentionally causing the clubface to be slightly open when gripped. This adjustment offered another dimension of feel and control, allowing Hogan to refine his shots with precision.

5. Modern Applications

Despite its unconventional nature, Hogan’s method remains relevant today. Companies like Lamkin have integrated similar principles into their designs, albeit with slight variations. The reminder grip, for example, emphasizes placing the handle into the second crease of the fingers, enhancing leverage and control.

In Conclusion

Ben Hogan’s utilization of a humble coat hanger underscores his dedication to mastering the game’s intricacies. By prioritizing sensory feedback and grip alignment, Hogan achieved a level of mastery that cemented his status as one of golf’s greatest players.

Next time you’re on the range, consider Hogan’s timeless wisdom. Who knows? Embracing the simplicity of the coat hanger trick might just revolutionize your approach to the game.